"Witchfather" - Acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 18" x 24"

Among the many things I do, painting is one of my favorite. I just finished this one, a portrait of the man responsible for the modern Witchcraft revival. All honor and respect to Gerald Brosseau Gardner.

I have always found it wise to make my magicks follow the path of least resistence. One of these is working with that which is in a proximity to you that you can most effectively control it. Closest to you, moreso than any other physical object in the Cosmos, is your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit. From there on out, more and more energy into the reach to achieve the goal is required. The more spiritually far from you the target is, the more focus one must dedicate to affecting it.  This is why we use sympathetic links in magick - to bridge these distances. Still, if the energy needed to bridge distances is zero, then all of the energy can be poured into manifesting the change through the body-mind-spirit that we have right here.

Work on the self first, others later (if at all).

When working magick to find a new job, for example, you can create a commanding and compelling spell to bewitch your potential employers into hiring you.  However, I find that in doing so, you're setting yourself up for a sub-optimal situation. Why would you want to work in a place that otherwise wouldn't have hired you?  And is this preventing you from being in the kind of working environment that will be truly fulfilling in your life? Are you setting yourself up to drudge away in a situation that you hate while not being in the situation that you love?

Yes, you could do all of that if you really wanted to... but me, I'd rather play straight for the big prizes. With magick, you can have your cake and eat it too.  Working on others can set up situations which prevent you from being in the situation you really want. Wait for it - it will come.

A Witches LadderThe witches' ladder hangs on my patio, where I often sit to write, work, read, or let my thoughts wander.  It sway and spins with the slightest breeze, yet the little charms at the bottom give it just enough weight that it stays in place.  I like to lean back in my chair and get lost in the slow, hypnotic motions of the bright feathers, while meditating on the purpose for which I built it. 

The witches' ladder is easy to make.  Three pieces of yarn, braided together with nine feathers braided into the cord is the basic idea.  I use red, black and white to represent the middle, lower, and higher souls, but any colors that contribute to your goal are great. I add some charms to the bottom of mine to add decor as well as to give it weight, and I tied nine knots with nine pieces of ribbon along the length of the cord.

When built with magical intent, it can draw something desirable into your life, whether it's something specific or general blessings.  The constant, gentle twisting of the feathers collects those natural energies of the earth, continually sending and directing them toward your goal.  For this reason, I consider witches' ladders to be excellent for long term magickal goals - the kind that may take months or years to manifest.  I also consider them excellent for blessing magick, as amulets that protect or draw blessings to the space they inhabit.

I like to ponder the various channels through which I can make my magic manifest. One of them is the channel of perception, which in a way, is a fine-tuning of the psychic sensors. 

An opportunity you don't see is an opportunity lost. Much of the success in one's goals, whether it's finding a job, a lover, for health or protection, relies on seeing and taking advantage of opportunities. If we don't see those power-ups further ahead on our journey, we can't use them to propel us to our destinations.

We are constantly inundated with information. In that sea of information, it can be hard to lose one's way. Through defining the goal and wishing for it, visualizing it, creating it over and over in your mind, your mind tunes to that psychic wavelength. Your perceptions start seeking it out.

Choose a number to be a lucky number for you. You'll notice that number everywhere. 23's are everywhere I look because I have my mind tuned partly to a Discordian station. It's fun.

I love carrying charms on me, and there's rarely a time that I don't have some bag of herbs, stones, and symbols in my pocket. I carry one to help me tune to that psychic station. When I do that, I get information and opportunities regarding my goal. Tuning the radio dial on my brain is as easy as reaching that sachet to my nose to sniff.

A type of financial magic that I do is a knot spell. It very much tunes my psychic sensors in the way I need them. I have a long cord of green ribbons hanging from a tall lamp in my office. Every day that I plan to work on matters relating to my business, I tie a knot in it and say a magical word that I designed for this ongoing working. That day, my mind is slightly more tuned to business-related matters. I'm paying slightly more attention so that when people at the next table over in the coffeeshop are discussing a new business they opened, I can introduce myself, hand them my card and let them know that I am a web designer. 

On days that I do not plan to focus on business (we all do need a break from time to time), I do not tie the knot in the cord, so that I may dedicate my mind to other tasks. Of course, I'm always still listening - as we tune our psychic senses more frequently, we become more able to access them whenever we want. It's all a matter of practice, and carving those neural pathways.

Being aware that magic partly works by tuning my awareness has led me to be more appreciative of my awareness. All of the lucky breaks in the world could never have happened if I wasn't tuned in enough to notice them.

These are one of my favorite treats for Midsummer.  They're light, not too sweet (I actually use 1 tablespoon less sugar than the recipe calls for), and perfectly satisfying little cakes.

Nigella Lawson's Fairy Cakes
Recipe yields 12 regular size cupcakes

1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
7 Tablespoons sugar
2 large eggs
3/4 cup self-rising cake flour *
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
(May use 1/2 teaspoon almond extract instead of the suggested 1 tsp.vanilla extract.)
2-3 Tablespoons milk
Directions :
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. (I bake them at 375* F)
Line a 12 cup muffin tin with baking paper cups.

Bake for 15-20 or until they are golden on top. (These are perfectly baked in 14 to 15 minutes @ 375* in my oven) It's best to start checking them at 12 minutes.

For the Icing ~
Note: Some don't like this icing because it hardens in less than a day. I don't mind because the cakes usually don't last an entire day around my house. They are delicious with a soft buttercream, chocolate ganache, or simply softly whipped cream, too.

Enough for 12 fairy cakes

1 cup powdered sugar
1 egg white
3-4 drops lemon juice
food coloring, if desired

Mix the sugar, egg white and lemon juice in a small bowl until smooth and creamy, it should have the consistency of heavy cream. Nigella suggests dividing the batch of icing into smaller portions so you can add different colors to each, if you like.