I like to ponder the various channels through which I can make my magic manifest. One of them is the channel of perception, which in a way, is a fine-tuning of the psychic sensors. 

An opportunity you don't see is an opportunity lost. Much of the success in one's goals, whether it's finding a job, a lover, for health or protection, relies on seeing and taking advantage of opportunities. If we don't see those power-ups further ahead on our journey, we can't use them to propel us to our destinations.

We are constantly inundated with information. In that sea of information, it can be hard to lose one's way. Through defining the goal and wishing for it, visualizing it, creating it over and over in your mind, your mind tunes to that psychic wavelength. Your perceptions start seeking it out.

Choose a number to be a lucky number for you. You'll notice that number everywhere. 23's are everywhere I look because I have my mind tuned partly to a Discordian station. It's fun.

I love carrying charms on me, and there's rarely a time that I don't have some bag of herbs, stones, and symbols in my pocket. I carry one to help me tune to that psychic station. When I do that, I get information and opportunities regarding my goal. Tuning the radio dial on my brain is as easy as reaching that sachet to my nose to sniff.

A type of financial magic that I do is a knot spell. It very much tunes my psychic sensors in the way I need them. I have a long cord of green ribbons hanging from a tall lamp in my office. Every day that I plan to work on matters relating to my business, I tie a knot in it and say a magical word that I designed for this ongoing working. That day, my mind is slightly more tuned to business-related matters. I'm paying slightly more attention so that when people at the next table over in the coffeeshop are discussing a new business they opened, I can introduce myself, hand them my card and let them know that I am a web designer. 

On days that I do not plan to focus on business (we all do need a break from time to time), I do not tie the knot in the cord, so that I may dedicate my mind to other tasks. Of course, I'm always still listening - as we tune our psychic senses more frequently, we become more able to access them whenever we want. It's all a matter of practice, and carving those neural pathways.

Being aware that magic partly works by tuning my awareness has led me to be more appreciative of my awareness. All of the lucky breaks in the world could never have happened if I wasn't tuned in enough to notice them.