A Witches LadderThe witches' ladder hangs on my patio, where I often sit to write, work, read, or let my thoughts wander.  It sway and spins with the slightest breeze, yet the little charms at the bottom give it just enough weight that it stays in place.  I like to lean back in my chair and get lost in the slow, hypnotic motions of the bright feathers, while meditating on the purpose for which I built it. 

The witches' ladder is easy to make.  Three pieces of yarn, braided together with nine feathers braided into the cord is the basic idea.  I use red, black and white to represent the middle, lower, and higher souls, but any colors that contribute to your goal are great. I add some charms to the bottom of mine to add decor as well as to give it weight, and I tied nine knots with nine pieces of ribbon along the length of the cord.

When built with magical intent, it can draw something desirable into your life, whether it's something specific or general blessings.  The constant, gentle twisting of the feathers collects those natural energies of the earth, continually sending and directing them toward your goal.  For this reason, I consider witches' ladders to be excellent for long term magickal goals - the kind that may take months or years to manifest.  I also consider them excellent for blessing magick, as amulets that protect or draw blessings to the space they inhabit.