I have always found it wise to make my magicks follow the path of least resistence. One of these is working with that which is in a proximity to you that you can most effectively control it. Closest to you, moreso than any other physical object in the Cosmos, is your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit. From there on out, more and more energy into the reach to achieve the goal is required. The more spiritually far from you the target is, the more focus one must dedicate to affecting it.  This is why we use sympathetic links in magick - to bridge these distances. Still, if the energy needed to bridge distances is zero, then all of the energy can be poured into manifesting the change through the body-mind-spirit that we have right here.

Work on the self first, others later (if at all).

When working magick to find a new job, for example, you can create a commanding and compelling spell to bewitch your potential employers into hiring you.  However, I find that in doing so, you're setting yourself up for a sub-optimal situation. Why would you want to work in a place that otherwise wouldn't have hired you?  And is this preventing you from being in the kind of working environment that will be truly fulfilling in your life? Are you setting yourself up to drudge away in a situation that you hate while not being in the situation that you love?

Yes, you could do all of that if you really wanted to... but me, I'd rather play straight for the big prizes. With magick, you can have your cake and eat it too.  Working on others can set up situations which prevent you from being in the situation you really want. Wait for it - it will come.