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Potion BottlesThe cabinet is full of bottles with strange names and stranger contents. The witch is hovering over a bubbling cauldron, stirring and chanting, lost in a trance, her eyes tracing the patterns on the surface. Few images are so evocative of the Craft.

Potion-making has always been one of my favorite ways to express my magic. I've been hard at work putting my latest batch of mixtures together. I've got a whole assortment of blends that I configured, each with its own unique purpose. “Money Mojo” blends plants that resonate with Jupiter and elemental Earth to draw long-lasting financial growth, while “Red Hot Lover,” blends Martian and Venusian essences to spark up that explosive polarity that creates passion. I choose the right mix of herbs based on any correspondences I wish to incorporate, after careful consideration of the goal at hand. I primarily use planetary and elemental correspondences, but any will do. Sometimes, I don't bother with those at all, and simply mix based on the individual characteristics of each plant. Either way is effective.

I first research the correct plants, compounds, stones, and other ingredients. I start with a long list of potentials, and then narrow down from there. First, I'll hold various combinations in their dry form to my nose, and see which combinations work the best together aesthetically. If it smells terrible, unless the magic is meant to be terrible in some way, it's probably not going to be useful. If a plant is one I do not like, it's likely not going to be useful for my purposes, as the distraction will cut into the effectiveness. Any potion with patchouly will get my husband to rub his nose and say “that stinks,” not, “that inspires my spirit to work in tandem with the spirits within the bottle to achieve my will.” Scents that please the senses are a must.

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