Thursday, 15 September 2011 13:07

Crystal mining

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Last weekend, we went on an amazing camping trip and crystal mining excursion near Lake Ouachita, just a little bit west of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  We spent all morning at Wegner's Quartz Crystal Mines digging in the dirt and climbing on rocks, and found some amazing crystals.  Here are a few photos of the area, and some of the wonderful finds we unearthed.

If you ever are in the area, let me highly recommend digging your own crystals. It is very satisfying to find your own treasures which you can use in your magic. I created a little shrine outside with some, which I dedicated to my work with the Faery (since, they, like the crystals, are also beings of the underworld.).  I blessed a few and charged them with various magical intents.  And some, I plan to wrap and make jewelry out of to wear, and to give as gifts to friends.