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Spiritual Hygiene

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One of the well-known effects of working with the Craft is that the practitioner's psychic senses start to open up. Newer practitioners will often notice astral happenings - spirits, energy, psychic impressions and the like - with a greater frequency than ever before. Doing a spiritual cleansing bath is an excellent way to remove unwanted spiritual energy and keep entities and energies from unwantedly attaching to you.  Just like we wash our hands before cooking and after using the restroom for good physical health, so do we wash our auras regularly for good spiritual health.

The spiritual cleansing bath removes unwanted energies and strengthens the aura. The salt creates a thin shield around the bather which acts as protection against spiritual energies - a flexible, yet effective shield.  The earthing and grounding properties of the salt pull out unwanted spiritual energies while the water purifies and cleanses the energies that naturally belong around the human aura. What's left is a sparkly clean aura, strengthened, clarified and refreshed. I rarely feel so good as I do when I get out of a nice long spiritual cleansing bath.

Pick a time which you can be left alone for about half an hour. Let the others in your home know that you are not to be disturbed. Turn off the cell phone and anything else that might distract you. If your animal friends will be a distraction, put them in another room. My cats love hanging out with me when I bathe and are usually as calm as I am in the tub.

A basic spiritual cleansing bathing needs two things: salt and water. Other things can be added according to your needs and desires, but salt and water are the base recipe.  Take your athame and bless the salt.  You can say something like, "Bless this salt, that it may remove  and ground all unwanted energies, leaving only purity and clarity behind.  Watch the energy fly out of your athame, blasting clean the salt, leaving it pure and ready to use. As you start filling up the tub, put the tip of the athame in the water and bless the water. If you wish, you can say something like, "I bless this water, that it may cleanse my soul and heart, and wash away with it all that is unclean and impure."  Add a handful of salt to the tub and you're ready to bathe.

If you wish, you can light some candles and incense, or play some soft, calming music while you bathe.  The mood should be one of calmness and purification. Any scents chosen should be gentle and light.

Once you're in the bath, systematically relax, taking a minute to tense first the balls of your feet, then your calves, then your thighs, working all the way up your body until you've given each muscle group a tensing and relaxing.  As this happens, imagine your stresses, worries, and concerns being gently pulled out of your body and absorbed by the salt in the water. Most tubs aren't large enough to lay fully down in, but make sure you get your whole body covered with water.  Splash or pour some on your face, shoulders, neck, ears and other places that can't get fully immersed in the water.  I usually flip over to my belly for a few minutes to give my chest some time immersed.  

No soap is to be used in a spiritual bath. Make sure that you're physically clean before entering. If I need, I'll take a quick shower first before having my spiritual bath. The spiritual bath is meant specifically to clean the aura, not the skin.

You can do spiritual baths as often as you like, whenever you need, but I recommend doing at least one a week. I typically choose the end of the day on Friday as a good time to wash off the stresses of the week and renew myself before the weekend. Keeping good spiritual hygiene means that fewer unwanted energies will be able to attach themselves to me in general. Spiritual baths are also good to do in emergencies. If a situation you're in is really starting to stress you out, one of the best things you can do is start with a purifying, cleansing bath.

Feel free to experiment with bath recipes to find one that really works nicely for you. Some people like to use epsom salts as well in their baths.  I always add a cup of apple cider vinegar to mine as it seems to add more purification power to the water.  Milk is a wonderful addition that is great for your skin. You can also brew an herbal infusion and add that to the bath if you want to bring the essences of those herbs into your aura. Do not add herbs directly to the bathwater unless you want clogged drains and a messy tub to clean up afterward.

Keeping good spiritual hygiene has been an important part of my practice for a long time, and it has served me well. The spiritual bath is a wonderful tool that anyone can use anytime to refresh and renew oneself and to remove unwanted influences.