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Powerful, potent pore breathing

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Some of the simplest techniques are often the most useful. Throughout my magical life, I have found pore breathing to be a straightfoward, simple, and extremely powerful way to pull elemental energy into myself and use it in a number of ways.  I have used pore breathing as a way to balance and unbalance my elemental energies, either bringing myself into nice balanced alignment or going out to one extreme when I need a lot of one particular element for a situation or task at hand (and, of course, remembering to re-balance after the fact).

If you're new to pore breathing, I suggest doing a full body relaxation exercise before pore breathing, at least for the first few times. In doing this, you make your body a more open channel, relaxed so it can easily breath in, receive, and retain those energies that you will be pore-breathing in.

Ground and center. Connect to that source of energy within the earth, that eternal life force. Now lie down. Tense your toes, and start pulling a channel of that life-force energy into your toes. As you relax the toes, feel that warm, glowing energy massaging your muscles and tissues, relaxing and envigorating you. Let the light continue to fill you, working its way up to the balls of your feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, torso, and chest. Once it's in your chest, divert it to flow down each arm, finishing at the fingertips, the light filling, massaging and relaxing you as it goes, while you tense and release your muscles.  Now draw your attention back to your chest, and continue the process, up through your neck, then working all the muscles on your face, and finally finishing at the crown of your head.  Take a moment to bask in the gloriously relaxed state you should be in now.

For the first few times pore breathing, until you're used to it, you may want to start with your hands. You are already familiar with receiving sensory, tactile information through your hands, but not so much with the rest of your body, so it may be easier to sense the energy you plan to draw in by first breathing it through the hands, then doing so with the rest of the body once a connection is formed. Once you become more familiar with pore breathing, feel free to skip over the step.

You may continue to lie down if you wish, or stand.  I have always found it most effective to have my body in an open position, not sitting cross legged or with arms folded, but spread out so that more of the skin has access to more of the air around me. Working skyclad can be helpful, but is not necessary. Reach out with your hands and feel around you for the element you are going to be breathing in.  Feel for the air, water, earth or fire in the space around you.  If you're lying down, connecting with earth is easily done by putting your hands on the solid surface underneath you. Imagine that your skin on your hands is a breathing apparatus, and start drawing in the energy.  Once you have that feeling, open up all of the pores on your flesh are opening up and breathing in that energy.  Your whole body is a magnet, pulling in that elemental energy and imbuing your pattern with it.  Pull in as much or as little as you need.

If you're pore breathing, it's important to remove from yourself what you don't need so you are not in a state of unwanted unbalance. You can simply return it to the earth by placing your hands on the ground or hugging a tree. You can also use it to charge an object; you can add it to your elemental tools, charge a charm with it, or store it in a stone for later use. You can charge something around the house with it. Put the extra earth energy in your wallet or the fire energy into your running shoes. Of course, make sure to keep what you do need, but no more.

Pore breathing can be done for a number of reasons. The most obvious is to correct an elemental imbalance.  Feeling anxious and wound up?  That's a symptom of an overabundance of fire, so breathing in a little bit of the grounding, solidifying energies of earth can help bring you to a more balanced state.  Feeling sad and blue?  A little of the uplifting air energy can brighten your day. 

Taking a few moments to breathe in elemental energies can be useful in a number of situations. Going to go flirt with that gorgeous person over there across the room?  Be red hot - breathe in a little fire before you do.  Have a tough exam you need to pass?  Breathe in some air energy to clarify your mind before starting. Once you have a familiarity with the techniques of pore breathing, you can do it anytime, anywhere.

For such a simple technique, it's a very powerful way to invoke the powers of the elements into your magical workings, and into your daily life. The skill's flexibility and broadness of use make it a very valuable addition to my magical toolbox.