Friday, 27 July 2012 16:13

We are all made of food

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It is around this time of year that the first harvests start coming in from our gardens.  Rich, plump vegetables, grains in the fields, fruits on the trees and vines,  all are ready to harvest and to nourish us.  The promises of the spring buds have been fulfilled.  It is food, literally, that makes us.

We started out as a single cell, a seed of potential.  It absorbed nourisment through the mother in order to give that cell what it needed to multiply and diversify, and eventually develop into a child, ready to be born.  When we were born, we continued to eat.  By the time we reach adulthood, we have grown over 20 times our original size on the day of our birth, and millions of times our original size at the moment of conception.

That matter that forms our body all came from food.  Food is the child of sun and earth, an intricate and elegant merging of energy and matter in such a form that it is able to support life.  It is yin and yang bound up into one package.  Without the sun, the earth would be a lifeless rock, floating in space.   The sun's energy comes from an ancient nuclear reaction that began billions of years ago.  That energy is transmitted to the earth and absorbed by it.  Somewhere along the line, about 3.4 billion years ago, the right chemicals were in the right place at the right time, to absorb that spark of light from the sun to make it awaken. Life begins.

The food we eat is that ancient matter, gathered together in a shape and form that makes it usable as building blocks and energy.  Stored within the food's cells are tiny battery charges of sunlight: calories or joules.  Our body has the proper mechanisms, at the organs and systems layer down to the mitochondria in the cells that can translate that food into energy and building materials.  Continually, the energy and matter we put into our body works to build, restore, and heal the body.

At this holiday of August Eve, as I see the first harvests start to come in after a long, hot summer, I take time to reflect upon and be thankful for the the body and energy of the gods which give us nourishment and make us whole.  In looking at it from this spiritual viewpoint, we are all made of the Divine Ones, literally, as their energy, and body becomes our energy and body.   Our body is their body, and without these ongoing, perpetual cycles of life, sacrifice, and rebirth, none of us would be.  There is no part of us that is not of the gods.