Thursday, 27 September 2012 13:51

The Magickal Scope of Influence

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I have always found it wise to make my magicks follow the path of least resistence. One of these is working with that which is in a proximity to you that you can most effectively control it. Closest to you, moreso than any other physical object in the Cosmos, is your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit. From there on out, more and more energy into the reach to achieve the goal is required. The more spiritually far from you the target is, the more focus one must dedicate to affecting it.  This is why we use sympathetic links in magick - to bridge these distances. Still, if the energy needed to bridge distances is zero, then all of the energy can be poured into manifesting the change through the body-mind-spirit that we have right here.

Work on the self first, others later (if at all).

When working magick to find a new job, for example, you can create a commanding and compelling spell to bewitch your potential employers into hiring you.  However, I find that in doing so, you're setting yourself up for a sub-optimal situation. Why would you want to work in a place that otherwise wouldn't have hired you?  And is this preventing you from being in the kind of working environment that will be truly fulfilling in your life? Are you setting yourself up to drudge away in a situation that you hate while not being in the situation that you love?

Yes, you could do all of that if you really wanted to... but me, I'd rather play straight for the big prizes. With magick, you can have your cake and eat it too.  Working on others can set up situations which prevent you from being in the situation you really want. Wait for it - it will come.

I do understand, of course, that waiting for it is not always an option.  As a worker of magick, I find it important to be as fluid as possible, a reed in the wind - adapt and do as needed.  But when possible, I take the route of openness to all possibilities, an acceptance of the entire spectrum of ways in which I can achieve the things I seek.

You have access to your body, your mind, your home, and your connection to the Divine. That's the first thing that you can change to be magically effective. If you want the job, work magick to be impressive. Weave the inspirations of the spirits of Air into a stellar resume.  Design a logo for yourself based on sigilization techniques. Time your emails and Tweets to send at appropriate planetary hours.  Do some energy work to create a glowing aura of confidence around you before the interview. Offer incense to Jupiter in faith that he'll send some luck your way. Put a little reiki into your cover letter before you email it off. And, most importantly, call upon your magickal skillsets to help you hone and expand your professional skills and credentials. 

All of this is setting you up for honing in and landing the right job, the right situation. In doing this, you open yourself up to receive the blessings of the Universe. You prepare yourself to accept them and do great things with them.

Don't bother controlling what others do. Control how you deal with it.

There are ample magicks out there for compelling, commanding, and influencing. In most situations, I find the most important person to compel, command, and influence is myself. I compel myself to not give way to my every whim, but instead to act in a manner that is most appropriate to the situation and consistant with my Will. I command myself to recognize and deflect unwanted attempts to access or control me. I influence myself to not give in to fear, but to remain calm and objective in the eye of the storm.

Life is full of situations that test me, that try my patience, that run me through the ringer. People will do and say the craziest things.  That I have relatively little control over, and exerting that control takes a whole lot more effort than merely controlling how I handle the situation.  Working magick to better my control over my primary sphere of influence - me - has allowed me to weather these storms better and to come forth from difficult situations with a golden trophy of a lesson well-learned.