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The Cauldron of Wishes - A Yuletide Spell

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This is a little group spell that I put together in which I invited everyone at my Yule party to participate.  At Yule, we're so busy with gifts for one another, that we forget to ask for a gift for ourselves. It's a hectic time of year where we sometimes forget our own needs.

The purpose of this spell is to remember that we need to ask for things for ourselves, too, and know that we deserve success and happiness in our lives, and we make room to receive them.  As I see Yule as the Pagan new year, I think it also appropriate at this time to focus on our dreams and goals for the upcoming year. So we carve them on candles, visualize our goals, light them, and know that they'll manifest in the future. It's a gift you, and the Gods, give to you.  Enjoy it - you deserve it.

To do this, simply obtain the candles, and fill a cauldron or a flower pot with soil.  I put a candle-carving tool that I made from a nail and a piece of bamboo (I glued the nail into a stiff stalk of bamboo, which creates a handle for it, making it easy to write with) next to it. The nearby Asian grocery store has a package with a few dozen long, thin red candles for $4, which was perfect for this endeavor. Invite your guests to take candles, carve them while focusing on their wishes, and light them - let the candles burn through the night, then bury the leftover wax when all the candles are burned out. 

Though this can be done solitarily, it takes on a lot of power when you invite a group to do this spell. Lots of people, wishing and dreaming together, adds more energy to the cauldron. The flame in the cauldron transforms our dreams into realities.

The Cauldron of Wishes - A Yuletide Spell

While we celebrate Yuletide cheer,

Make a wish for the coming year.


Carve a candle with your heart's desire,

Say the spell and light the fire.


As you wish on this candle bright,

Know your wish will come to light.


Carry the dreams into the year so new,

And soon you'll see, they'll all come true.


By the Horned Lord and the Goddess fair,

By fire and sea and soil and air,

By infinite stars and ancient roots,

With love to all, our dreams bear fruits.