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DIY foot soaks

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DIY Foot SoakI've been experimenting with DIY foot soaks lately, and been having tons of fun with it.  First, if you don't have a foot soak tub, get one. They have them at Dollar Tree, sold in the kitchen stuff section as a wash bin - it's also the perfect size and depth for a foot soak tub.  Find a nice fluffy clean towel to set it on, so you can easily dry your feet after.

I'm giving you the recipe I've developed for a single serving of this (enough to fill one soak tub), and you can scale up as needed.  This amount goes nicely in one of those small zipper snack bags. 

First, add in 1/4 cup epsom salts.  Epsom salts are the go-to for relieving achy and sore muscles. 

Next, if you have a coffee grinder - doesn't have to be anything fancy, fill it with oatmeal and grind that til it's a fine powder - the finer, the better.  We want it to absorb into the water.  When it does, it gives the water a lovely milky consistency, very smooth and soft on the skin. Add one teaspoon of this oatmeal powder.

Add a tablespoon of good old baking soda - baking soda which deodorizes the feet, while it cleans and softens the skin is nice to ensure having squeaky clean feet - and what doesn't feel better than that?

A tablespoon of sea salt, which cleanses and purifies the skin, and acts as a wonderful grounding agent and spiritual purifier

Add a half teaspoon of citric acid crystals. These, I decided at first to add for fun - they react with the base - the baking soda - to create a little fizz when the contents of the packet hit the water.  However, citric acid is also very good for the skin, a powerful antioxidant.

Finally, your essential oils.  I find about 10-15 drops in a bag will give you a strong enough scent, but some may prefer less or more.  This aromatherapy oil chart is a wonderful reference and can give you some good inspiration for blends to use in your own foot soaks.

Now. kick off your shoes, pour a nice warm foot soak bath, and take a few minutes from your busy and hectic day to pamper yourself!  You deserve it!