Thursday, 04 November 2010 20:23

My latest project - a wooden locking spellbook

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Part of why I love the Craft is that I love to craft!  I love to make beautiful, one of a kind ritual tools and items, goodies and treasures. I've always wanted a gorgeous book to keep all of my notes, spells, rituals and writings in, one that locks, and one that is a piece which I can sit proudly on one of my altars. So, I took a few pieces of pine, my trusty Dremel, lots of sandpaper and got to work.

For me, the practice of magic is an art which should engage as many of the senses as possible - there should be wonderful things to see, smell, taste, hear, and feel.  I certainly do love the feel of this book.  It's thick and heavy and it means business!  The wood is smooth and delightful to touch.  The gold color of the brass hinges, hasp, and lock I thought were the perfect companion to the rich brown stain I used.  Once I finished building it, I stained and sealed it, then added a sueded cotton fabric liner, to add another little touch of luxury to this item.

Though many hours went into the creating of this book, it is still a work in progress - now that I have it all together, I want to create a waterproof sleeve to put the pages in on the inside for additional privacy as well as protecting the content.  Perhaps the cover will be painted in addition to our coven's sigil which I inscribed on the cover.  As for now, though, I'm going to enjoy adding another touch of sensual delight to my spellwork.