Tuesday, 14 December 2010 19:39

More Magical Geekery: Using role playing games for creating golems and other spirit helpers.

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Digging through these old character sheets has really gotten me to thinking about ways about extending these practices into my magickal working.  I have been primarily working with spirits as of late, specifically with one I created a few months ago named Sari Tulip. (By the way, I just etched her sigil today in thanks and appreciation for two months of her work, and some excellent advice and insight when I needed it.  Thank you, Sari.)

I have been brewing up the ideas for another one lately, as well.  This one will be a golem who will be helping Onix and me with one of the web projects we have in the works.  His home will be in the code base, and his job will be to make the code more successful at doing the task for which we created it.

Creating golems and other spirit helpers is made easier by giving them as much definition as possible.  A computer programmer writes flow charts and logic diagrams before ever banging out a single line of code.  So should a witch define out her golem, entity, or spirit helper as much as possible before she breathes life into it.

Again, I reflect back to my role playing gamer days and just found a wonderful tool that can help me give more definition to the spirits that I create: a character sheet.  After all, the character sheets I found on my server very nicely summed up the qualities of these other non-corporeal magical entities who shared some of my headspace once a week.  Intelligence, strength, charisma, willpower, and a whole big list of things they can do, things they can't do, and what alignment they are. Of course, once I'm done setting up the stats for my spirit helper, I can flip over the character sheet and draw the spirit's sigil on the back.

Often I'll add other sensory triggers for my spirit, especially ones I have worked with a while.  I'll draw a sketch of the spirit.  I'll blend up a special incense just for the spirit.  I'll add on additional decorations to their bottle or housing, to give me additional things to delight my eyes and hands. I might even mix a unique cocktail for the spirit that I share with it.  All of my friends who know me well enough know that I can be easily bribed with cheesecake, good bourbon, and techno toys, and giving me these things will make me all the more amenable to helping you with a computer problem from time to time.  Spirits are much the same; find out and share with them what you learn they'll enjoy, and they'll be much happier to help when you ask.  When trying to determine what my spirit would enjoy, I can look to that character sheet and get a whole lot of guidance.