Wednesday, 22 December 2010 14:57

My pretty potion bottles

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potionbottles08I'm a very hands-on witch.  The spells I work work better when I have something to touch, something to hold, something to smell, something to taste, something to delight my eyes.  The spell is a wholly immersive experience for me.  My Craft goes beyond just infusing the right base with the right herbs; presentation can often matter just as much.  How often have you seen a master chef carelessly toss his creation in a heap on a paper plate, after all?

I made numerous potion bottles for housing various brews and infusions I have cooked up (potion-making has been a favorite art of mine as of late.)  Here are a few that I made to hold, display, and add to the overall impact and effect of the potions I brew.  In these went eye-opener, moonjuice, liquid fire, essence of Venus, and spirit-sense - some of my latest potion creations.