Tuesday, 11 January 2011 23:40

Spiritual Self Reliance

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Old Hornie doesn't look like he likes being bothered.I have been thinking a lot about my relationship with the Powers That Be.  In our pagan circles, we give honor and thanks to a Goddess and a God, whom we do not outwardly name.  We acknowledge them, we appreciate them, we offer to them, and we thank them. We form meaningful connections with them, through which we grow in our lives.

The Mighty Ones have mighty tasks for which they are responsible.  The sun has to light up the skies, has to hold the planets in orbit, and shine the light of inspiration into bodies and minds.  The moon has women's cycles to regulate and creative folks to muse.  The earth has to be fertile and bring forth life anew and the great Green God must sacrifice himself for life to continue living.

We are those gods' children, and I consider it essential to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with those gods. I refuse, however, to go bothering my divine parents every time I need to get something done.  I consider the tasks of these very large gods, those monumental tasks which keep reality running, to be far too important to be distracted by my needs.  I don't phone Stephen Hawking every time I am stuck on my physics homework, after all. I strongly frown upon prayer which begs the favors of gods for this reason.

PRAYER, n. To ask that the laws of the universe be annulled in behalf of a single petitioner confessedly unworthy. --Ambrose Bierce

Here's the beauty of it: I don't need to.  Through honoring the gods, connecting with them through ritual, offerings, and meditation, and through study and learning of them and through creating devotionals to them, I have truly claimed my birthright as their child.  In mythologies from across the globe, we read stories of great demi-gods and heroes who were humans born of at least one god, who had phenomenal wisdom, power, and magic. Likewise, through my connection with those gods I honor as parents, I am able to draw upon that power I earned from my connection to aid me in a number of situations.

I can't tell you how many times I have asked myself, "What would ______ do?," get an answer, and do it, thereby resolving the situation.  Because I have that relationship, I can do that.

And of course, there is always magick, all of which is powered by my connection to the gods both great and mighty and more specific to the task.  Spiritual self-reliance is the reason I focus so heavily on magick as a part of my practice.  A witch doesn't beg. She rolls up her sleeves and takes care of business.

You will never hear, "Oh Goddess, help me with this and that," from my lips. I will never bother them to handle my problems for me.  The gods have given me access to all the knowledge and ability to do it myself.  To not use said knowledge and ability is to insult the real value of the gifts they have given me.