Wednesday, 19 January 2011 15:47

My somewhat invisible friends

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I love my spirit friends. I think they're great, and they certainly make my world a more interesting place.  I catch glimpses of them everywhere, usually in random patterns or in shapes on things.  I'm always listening, because they usually have lots of great things to share with me.  If I'm appreciative to them, they'll sometimes help me out with things.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast, despite all of its awful values it teaches to young women about domestic abuse, has one part that simply delighted me: the singing household items.  What a delightful world it is when any object can tell you anything you need, if you just accept the fact that it has a voice, a spirit, and a breath of its own?  Many of my familiar beloved surroundings, whether they are man-made or born in the natural world, have names and  faces. 

Some days, I can be somewhat distracted and the spirits may not be so clear to me.  On those days when I can't see the spirits so clearly, I'll just talk to things anyway.  If I keep talking, eventually they will respond.  They always do, because they're always there.  It's just my lack of vision that sometimes keeps me from seeing them.